size and shape + form in stories

Formato sits at the intersection of new media art, design, and technology. We are not just a production house; we are a vibrant platform amplifying diverse creativity. Merging film with motion, VFX with XR, and branding with art direction, we have carved a niche for stories that resonate.


Formato was born in 2021, in the middle of the global pandemic to bring together a close-knit group of skilled and diverse directors across a multidisciplinary set of crafts to tell resonant stories. Our front office took root in New York City – our Ethos:  an ‘all-in’ integrated open approach to creative that considers the full picture while allowing a diverse set of talent and ideas to thrive.


Old-school meets new-wave. At Formato, we respect the bedrock of our craft while embracing the flair of modern cultural and technical trends. We find a collaborative approach creates the most magic when diverse minds and ideas are allowed to thrive. To us, aesthetics evolve from purpose. We’re more than just listeners; we’re storytellers. Taking in briefs, experimenting, problem-solving, and developing – that’s how we work best.


Our directors have been recognized across several awards: 6x Addys, 2x Hermes, and 1x Davies, to name a few.