Carlos Hidalgo, Cornelia Thomsen
Cornelia Thomsen (collab)

“New York-based artist Cornelia Thomsen and Formato Studio collective developed StripesXD, a digital collection that uses cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of visual expression.

The analog precursor to the Collection was Stripes, Thomsen’s series of oil-on-canvas paintings shaped in part by her upbringing in totalitarian East Germany. Composed of vertical lines of varied width that highlight the tension between calmness and repression, the Stripes paintings can be viewed as walls or prison bars, but also draw inspiration from memories of natural scenes.

Comprising ten original digital artworks, each accompanied by a physical companion piece, the StripesXD Collection transforms Thomsen’s analog paintings through the application of digital techniques, adding movement, dimension, texture, and rhythm to create meditative visual spaces that challenge accepted ideas about the experience of viewing works of art.

Gold XD, Nr. 101 is displayed below.”