Adrian Alicea

Arèna Blanca

In partnership with fashion designer, Adrian Alicia, Formato, led by creative director, El Taylor III, shot a film feature for his 2023 New York Fashion Week show, Arena Blanca, featuring his latest designs and his sponsor, Doc Martens, shoes in a set designed to replicate a fairytale in a park.

Creative Director / DP
El Taylor III
Designer / Art Director
Adrian Alicea
Project Manager
Featured Models
Sasha Lynn
Melani Azuléa
Rashad Prince
Scotty Jacobson
Ava Sophia
PR Lead
J. Wild Manrique
Movement Director
Sasha Lynn
Asst. Project Manager
Sasha Lynn
Papo Nwa
Casting Director
Casting by Catalina
Beauty & Hair
Marc Harvey (Beauty)
Madeline Soto (Hair)
Anelya Alim