Formato engaged in an end-to-end re-branding of Ooloo including renaming, developing the brand strategy and positioning, visual identity development, tone of voice, UX design, web development, and go-to-market presentation for a B2B IT Consulting firm that operates in the enterprise resource management software space. 

Creative Director
Carlos Hidalgo
Nicolas Berzin
Rick Julian
UX/UI Design
Íris Dordio
Ira Banana
Web Development
Daniele Carollo
Honor Show

Breaking free from conventional representation, our logo mark embodies the dynamic unity of individuals working in sync. It infuses vibrant workspaces with a smooth energy, reflecting the synchronized rhythm of collaborative efforts.

Seamless in every direction: our secondary logo defies rotation and reflection, maintaining its distinctive identity with elegant symmetry.

In crafting Ooloo’s brand visual language, we approached typography with careful consideration, selecting three distinct typefaces that work in harmony to create a captivating and cohesive design. Each typeface was chosen for its unique qualities and contributions to our brand’s identity, ensuring an engaging and impactful experience for our audience.

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